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Ruda Font - A Magisk Module

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I started rooting Android Phone since 2013, starting from my first Android Mobile - Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. I was a user of Super-SU made by chainfire; then I switched to Magisk to root my phones systemless-ly.

I had used many modules built by developers, but never had a chance to work on a new module by myself.

I was using Substratum to modify the default look of Android. Mostly I keep the themes untouched except the font which I choose Ruda. Since Google released Android Pie (9.0), the substratum has limitations in supporting fonts. So, I had to stay with the default robarto font or use the other font packages that are available as Magisk modules.

However, the love of Ruda font (the same font that is used in this blog) made me to make my first Magisk module. I have never thought it would be that much simple to make a new Magisk module. The same is available here.

The installation is simple.

  • Download the latest release
  • Boot into custom recovery such as TWRP - make sure your phone is having unlocked boot loader and custom recovery, Magisk are installed
  • Flash the package from custom recovery.

That’s all. You get a wonderful font pack on your Android.