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Good Bye Sutherland!

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I’m completing 8+ years of journey with Sutherland today, which is the longest stint of my career in any organization that I worked. It looks like I have spent a long period here, but feels like short.

I would say that,

Time passes faster when we are happy and satisfied!

I was part of two different roles both were related to planning; the first one is Manpower planning, manpower is the most important asset of an outsourcing company and the second one is financial planning using Hyperion Platform, which is crucial than the first one.

Manpower Planning Team #

I was hired by Kannan M and was reporting to Palaniyappan in the initial period. I learnt how to exactly read data and make projections based on the history. Then later the Manpower Planning team was handed over to Pammi Rupesh when it became more dynamic. It gave more confidence on the projections that I made and to grab opportunities to directly interact with the clients. I’m really thankful to them for the trust that they had in me and pushing me to achieve things.

There are important people who I interacted on daily basis during Manpower Planning phase. I would like to thank them for making my days much easier. Mithun Mukunthan, Angelina Michael, Muralidhur KV, Balachandar Selvaraj, Balaji Selvanambi, Rudra Gunaseelan, Sukesh Telang, Amit Bhan, Sandhya Rani. I’m glad to working with you all.

I made few life time friends here, Muthu, Vinoth, Jai, Dileep, Vijay, Riyaz, Ramky, Samy, Renga, Bala, Mani. It was fun working with you guys!

BI-EPM Team #

I am kind of person to see the results immediately. Planning manpower and seeing the results would take at least 3-6 months time. I always wanted to work on technical side where I write code and see the results immediately.

I got an opportunity to join the BI-EPM team. I was hired by Kumari Umapathy and was reporting to Dan Gagnon. Learning on Hyperion Platform is steep and long however both have mentored me to learn and grow up to this level. I’m thankful to you for my life time!

Narayana Vemuluri who admired me the way understand things faster and making decisions. Thank you for trust that you have on me!

The team who knows their responsibility and don’t hesitate to work on long hours when it is needed. You people gave me a good company. Thank you to Ramky, Suren, KC, Sarath, Mahesh, Ravi, Satya, Aravind, Naresh, Ramesh and Hari.

Thanks to the Business Controllers and FP&A group, who are the primary customers for this team; without you, I wouldn’t have had this job.

I am thankful to everyone in this organization for providing me opportunity and work. I apologize if I have hurt you at any time.

Contact Details #

I would be happy if we keep in touch; you may contact me by

  • The traditional way by sending an email to [email protected]
  • You wish to follow my career updates send a connection request at LinkedIn
  • Looking for immediate response send a Telegram
  • Looking for sending a confidential message? use Keybase to get my public keys.

Have a wonderful life!
Anbuselvan 🖖

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